Be a Tree Hero!

Arbor Month 2022

Be a Tree Hero this Arbor Month!

Arbor Month is always a productive month in Lake Oswego– we certainly care about our trees. Arbor Month 2022 will be no different and OLWC is excited to provide some new and returning opportunities for our community to engage with their urban forest from soil to canopy!

Being a Tree Hero can be easy with OLWC’s Ivy Removal Home Service!

Despite the massive benefits to the biodiversity of your landscape, removing invasive English ivy from your yard can be a tiresome chore. Tenacious ivy vines have perfected the adhesive art of spreading rapidly (at about a foot a year) from ground roots and winding tightly up the trunk of trees and cutting them off from the resources they need to survive.

OLWC wants to make this task easier on you by offering a service in which a member of your urban forest committee comes to your residence and removes tree ivy for you!

Our trained volunteers can also offer education and tools, advice on native alternatives to English ivy and tips on how to manage invasive plants more effectively.

If you suspect you have a tree(s) on your residence suffering beneath the weight of English ivy and you’d like OLWC to coordinate a volunteer to come and remove it, please click on the button below out. If you’d like more information about why we remove English ivy, check here!

Be A Tree Hero in Your Neighborhood - Arbor Month 2022
invasive ivy

Why all the fuss about ivy?

Community members can make a huge difference by removing tree ivy in their neighborhood!


LOTree Training Sessions

Lake Oswego’s urban forest is comprised of thousands of trees, so OLWC is relying on our passionate volunteer community scientists (like you!) to make this project a success!

LOTree Survey Demo and Winter Tree Identification Practice Workshops

City of Lake Oswego Maintenance Facility
17601 Pilkington Rd
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Tuesday, April 12    11am-1pm  – Maintenance Facility

Saturday, April 16   1-3pm – George Rogers Park

LOTree - A community science tree inventory project

Other Arbor Month happenings in the OLWC Community!

OLWC 2nd Annual Soil Your Undies Challenge

We learned so much about the health of Lake Oswego soil from last year’s Soil Your Undies event that the Oswego Lake Watershed Council is taking the challenge again this spring and we’d love for new and returning participants to join us! Check out our calendar below and visit our Soil Your Undies page for more info about each event!  CLICK HERE to register — you will be able to select your pick up date and location:

  • Saturday April 23, 11am-2pm: Pick Up at Lake Oswego High School
  • Saturday April 23, 11am-2pm: Pick Up at Lakeridge High School
Participate in this brand new two-part soil science workshop in partnership with Luscher Farm!

To sign up for this two-part workshop at Luscher Farm, CLICK HERE or contact LO Parks & Rec at 503-675-2549.

  • Saturday, April 9th, 12-2pm: Luscher Farm Soil Your Undies Workshop Pt 1
  • Saturday, June, 25th, 12-2pm: Luscher Farm Soil Your Undies Workshop Pt 2
Soil Your Undies with OLWC - Spring 2022

Photo Credit: Hitomi Kawashita

April 14th, 2022, 6:30pm: LOSN/OLWC Virtual Soil Forum featuring David Montgomery

Dr. David Montgomery, internationally known expert and author on soil health and regenerative agriculture, covered the latest science in soil health and healthy food. 

CLICK HERE to watch the presentation.

Sunday, April 24th 11am-2pm: Lake Oswego Sustainability Fair and Soil Your Undies Kickoff

Come learn about the work organizations across our community are doing to advance sustainability, find opportunities to volunteer and to participate in educational programs, connect with community members who are interested in sustainability, and learn how you can help protect the environment, save money, and give back to your community. Kids can participate in arts and crafts and everyone can tour the new Lakeridge Middle School and its sustainable design features. There will also be a tree seedling giveaway!

PGE will also be holding an electric tool exchange where you can recycle your gas-powered yard tool and purchase an electric model. Advance registration with PGE is required to participate in the tool exchange.

The Resource Fair is free and open to all.

CLICK HERE to learn more

July 11th, 5pm-7pm:  Reveal Your Undies

Site to be determined

Thank you, April 2021 Tree Heroes!

What can you do to be an urban forest hero? Community members can make a huge difference by removing tree ivy in their neighborhood! OLWC works with individuals and community groups to steward our urban forest and improve tree heath through invasive species removal.

In April 2021 we celebrated Arbor Month with a variety of ivy pulling initiatives and events. We had participation from at home volunteers, students, and community organizations. In April we collectively saved over 200 of Lake Oswego’s trees from invasive ivy vines! Special thanks to Lake Grove Urban Forest Committee, Lake Oswego High School, and Lakeridge Green Team for being LO Tree Heroes and organizing neighborhood and on-campus events.

If you are ever out removing ivy, take a photo of trees that you saved from ivy and send them our way by tagging @oswegolakewc on social media (Facebook, Instagram) and using #LOTreeHero . If you live outside of Lake Oswego, you can still participate by using #treehero .

Volunteers clearing ivy from trees
Volunteer crosses creek to remove invasive species
Students pose for a photo after a volunteer event