Summer Project Update

As reported by 2015 Summer Project Coordinator Grady Shelton, on August 31, 2015

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Over the past two weekends we have began work along Springbrook creek adjacent to Hope Community Church. Saturday the 22nd we had a whopping 22 volunteers show up and serve our watershed! Office co-workers, Boy scouts, and high schoolers alike all came together to help restore by pulling and hacking away at invasive species.  At the end of the email I am attaching photos from our August 22nd restoration event for those of you who may not have seen them already. It was a beautiful sight. This last Saturday the 29th we had a more modest sized group, which proved fortunate considering the conditions. Mike and I agreed that the high wind gusts made tramping through the forest too dangerous considering the risk of falling branches. So as a compromise we were able to stay along the border of the natural area, somewhat away from the trees, and continue to clear away the Himalayan blackberry thickets.

This Summer to date, we have had 61 unique volunteers, combining to contribute 291 hours of service, helping to restore our three designated stream corridors. Over the three sites combined we have cleared approximately 38,700 square feet of invasive species. As these are brand new projects to the area I think these accomplishments are huge not only for us as a council, but for our communities. Additionally, Stephanie Wagner, Adra Lobdell and I attended the Brighton home-owners’ association meeting last week where I had a chance to speak to folks about the ecological value of bioswales and wetlands. As a council we are in a good position to help this dedicated group with their own restoration efforts through the submission of an OWEB small grant, due via extension by the end of September.

The promotional video for our summer project is now up and public!

Adra Lobdell, Volunteer CoordinatorAdra Lobdell is now taking over this position and expanding on it as well. If you haven’t met her yet, she is a truly fantastic individual and the work she’s been doing for the Tryon Creek Watershed is stellar already so I’m happy to be passing on the baton to even better hands.

Thank you for letting me be apart of something special this Summer! This has been a fantastic experience for me.