2015 Springbrook Creek Invasive Removal a Success!

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On Sunday, December 6, 2015 the Oswego Lake Watershed Council (OLWC) hosted an invasive removal party at our Springbrook Creek site. Springbrook Creek, an important stream that drains into Oswego Lake, has been overtaken by English ivy and other invasives.

Many thanks to all of the great volunteers who helped up remove blackberry and ivy at our Springbrook site. What a hard-working group! They removed 3,000 square feet of invasives! Luckily, the rain held off right until we wrapped up work at 4pm.

About the Springbrook Creek Restoration Project

Restoration at our Springbrook Creek site, one of our 2015 Watershed Enhancement Projects, kicked off in August 2015. This is our largest site and has required a lot of volunteer effort (with more needed in the future). Here is an overview of what our volunteers have accomplished at Springbrook since August:

2015 Springbrook Creek Totals

Number of Work Parties 4
Total Number of Volunteers 45
Total Volunteer Hours 135
Total Sq. Feet of Invasives Removed 10,000

We can’t believe how much our volunteers have accomplished already! However, there is still a lot of restoration left to do. We have only removed approximately 50% of the invasives present at the site. We also will be replanting the areas where we have removed with native plants – this will be approximately 350 plants.

Want to help at our Springbrook site? We will be announcing our 2016 Work Party schedule in January. Make sure to check our calendar or join our e-mail list to stay tuned – we hope to see you out with us in the watershed!