Oswego Lake Watershed Council

The Oswego Lake Watershed Council (OLWC) is a locally organized, non-profit, non-regulatory watershed stewardship organization established to improve the condition and health of the Oswego Lake watershed and its stream network.


Oswego Lake Watershed Council’s number one priority is the health of our community and volunteers. We appreciate all of you and want you to know that our staff is closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 and taking appropriate measures to ensure that we are doing our part to promote wellness in the community. Until further notice, all public events, including volunteer events, have been canceled or postponed.

We are continuing to engage with the OLWC community online by using email and our social media platforms. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We appreciate your patience and hope that all of you continue to stay healthy during this challenging time.

Take care,
OLWC Staff and Board

You Can Help

You can help protect watershed health! Volunteer to plant trees, clear invasive weeds, sign up for our newsletter, host a presentation, or attend a free workshop.

Welcome Aboard Kat Maloney!

Please welcome our new Community Outreach Specialist, Kat Maloney! She will be leading our outreach and education efforts and is looking forward to meeting all the wonderful community members who work with OLWC.


Join the Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District for a free online Weed Watcher Workshop April 21 – May 27!

Weed Watcher workshops are presented annually in the spring to help alert local residents to priority weeds. Each workshop consists of an introduction to invasive species control, a walk-through of the weeds of greatest concern, and a quiz to help you practice identifying these plants. Participants receive an electronic copy of our handy weed ID guide, which includes information on how and where to report infestations.


Oswego Lake Tree Summit

Let’s Branch Out and
Talk Trees Together!

The Tree Summit is in partnership with the Oswego Lake Watershed Council, the Lake Oswego Sustainability Network, the Mountain Park Homeowners’ Association, and 14 neighborhood associations.


Weed of the Month: Policman's Helmet

Policeman’s helmet (Impatiens glandulifera) is an invasive weed that grows in ditches, wetlands, and along waterways. Mature seed pods split and propel seeds up to 20 feet away!


2020 Local Native Plant Sales

Click on the image above to find local sources of native plants, including local plant sales, as well as retail, wholesale and native plant seed suppliers. 

This list, provided by the East Multnomah WSCD is not comprehensive and is not an endorsement of any organization or business. It is intended to provide a starting place for your own research. For more resources including what plants to use for different conditions (sunny & dry, shady & wet, etc.), click here.


Resources for Residents

Be a part of the solution. There are many ways to help protect watershed health at home.

The links on this page provide useful information to help you improve water quality and wildlife habitat in your yard and your community.