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Oswego Lake Watershed Council

The mission of the Oswego Lake Watershed Council is to foster stewardship, education, participation, and financial support for the purpose of the conservation, restoration, enhancement, and maintenance of watershed functions that achieve and sustain a healthy watershed.

Tree Care During Heat Waves!

The fingerprints of climate change are becoming more pronounced with the record crushing temperatures predicted for the Pacific Northwest. As prolonged heat and drought  become part of the normal rhythms of the season, how do we take care of our trees? Unprecedented temperatures and seasons of drought can be extremely hard on trees, especially landscape trees in our urban forest.  If not well-watered, harsh temperatures make trees more susceptible to insects and disease. Extended periods of drought can cause stress in both newly planted trees and mature, well-established trees.

We’ve collected tips from City of Lake Oswego,  Friends of Trees, OSU Extension and Clackamas County Master Gardeners, and Portland Parks & Recreation to help you shift into summer plant care mode and help your landscapes better handle and recover from spans of extreme heat. 


We’re Hiring!

Full-time postion open: Project Coordinator

OLWC is hiring a highly organized Project Coordinator to support the Executive Director and community partners in the development of the Lake Oswego Oregon White Oak Strategic Action Plan. This position will also coordinate stewardship volunteer engagement in natural area restoration at 10 sites within the City of Lake Oswego.

OLWC recently acquired funding from Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) to develop the Lake Oswego Oregon White Oak Strategic Action Plan. This project will bring together key landowners, partners, rightsholders and stewards including residential land owners, Homeowners Associations, Lake Oswego Public Schools, City of Lake Oswego, Tribes, and business owners. This Project Coordinator will engage with private landowners, partners, and city organizations to develop the Lake Oswego Oregon White Oak Strategic Action Plan (LOOSAP)

This is a full-time position. Salary: $58,240/year ($28/hr) Benefits: health and dental insurance, flexible paid time off, 13.5 paid holidays per year, mileage reimbursement, and technology stipends. Applications close on Tuesday July 16th at 11:59pm

Check out the recording for This IS Kalapuyan Land, a virtual talk with Steph Littlebird, an indigenous writer and artist, and curator of a physical and online history, culture, and land acknowledgment exhibition of the Kalapuyan peoples. The recording includes Steph’s process of annotating panels from the museum’s prior exhibit on Kalapuyan peoples and curating contemporary Native artwork into the exhibition. 

Tansy Ragwort

Weed of the Month: Tansy Ragwort

Tansy ragwort (Senecio jacobaea) is an invasive weed with a long and deadly history in the Pacific Northwest. In Oregon, it is designated as a Class B invasive weed. It is believed to have been introduced here in the early 1900s through ballast water from a ship.

Tansy ragwort is a killer. This noxious weed is dangerous to humans and livestock due to a poisonous alkaloid in its tissue which causes liver damage when ingested. 


A field of Trilliums

2024 Local Native Plant Sales

Whether you’re planting or planning, good things to know!

Click on the image above to find local sources of native plants, including local plant sales, as well as retail, wholesale and native plant seed suppliers.

For more resources including what plants to use for different conditions (sunny & dry, shady & wet, etc.), you may want to also look HERE.