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Shiny Geranium, a Super Spreader

By Barbara Fisher, OLWC Board Member A few years ago when my OLWC colleague, Master Naturalist, Mike Buck started talking about a super spreader invasive plant, shiny geranium, I was puzzled. I wanted to know what it looked like.  It hadn’t, to my knowledge,...

OCRF Grant Protects Lake Oswego Oaks

Our Oregon White Oaks (Quercus garryana) are special trees. They represent strength and continuity and need to be celebrated and protected.

OLWC has just received a grant from the Oregon Conservation and Recreation Fund (OCRF) to support oak woodland enhancement in the Westlake area. Included in the grant is funding to develop messaging for our community about our native oaks and how they were used and protected by indigenous people prior to colonization. You can learn more about OLWC’s oak enhancement project here.

Heritage Redwood Tree

By Kathleen Wiens My family and I moved to Lake Oswego in 2015. One of the reasons we fell in love with LO is the large beautiful trees in the community. We were thrilled that our home had an incredible heritage redwood tree in the front yard and worked with Bosky...

Gans Site Update

Submitted by Barbara Fisher, OLWC council member and Friends of Hallinan Heights Woods coordinator You have probably never heard of Gans Street. It’s a short dead-end street in the Hallinan Heights neighborhood. The OLWC has been working to restore ¾ of acre on this...