Living With “Wildlife”

By Stephanie Wagner There goes another one! Ants in our bathroom!  Teeny, tiny sugar ants waltzing along the bathtub.  I am a huge believer in living with wildlife but I’m not sure I want to share my home with these outsiders.  How can we live together and respect...

Fallen Leaves Find a Way Home

By Sharon Hawley, OLWC Volunteer My yards have always allowed me to “dispose” of leaves without banishing them offsite.  I didn’t set out intentionally to make it so – but rather somewhat backed into behaviors that I now accept as a good way to handle the annual...
Lessons on Resilience

Lessons on Resilience

In times of turmoil, fear, and uncertainty, it can be helpful to turn to the natural world for answers. If you can, try to have a moment with nature today. Let us all learn resilience, how to thrive under difficult circumstances, and how to maintain some beauty and whimsy in our lives at the same time. Let us all be a little bit more like Douglas spirea.