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2021 Lake Oswego Tree Summit

On Saturday, October 30, 2021, stewards of our urban forest in Lake Oswego participated in this community-led Zoom event to celebrate trees and the ecology of our Urban Forest. This was the third annual Tree Summit.

The keynote speaker was Dr. Christine Buh, state Forest Entomologist with the Oregon Department of Forestry. There was also a presentation of the most recent lidar analysis of the Lake Oswego forest canopy given by the  City of Lake Oswego. Breakout groups discussed (their answers captured below):

  • What are the impacts of recent weather events?
  • How do you think you personally can use the information from Dr. Buhl’s presentation to help address these challenges?
  • What are your initial thoughts about the LiDAR information? How can we use this info to help us sustain our urban forest?

The Tree Summit is presented in partnership with the Oswego Lake Watershed Council and the Lake Oswego Sustainability Network. Thank you to Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District for helping to fund this important work!

Thanks to all who participated in this event to enhance your arboreal knowledge and discover ways to connect with and enhance the ecological health of our urban forest.

Timestamp Index of the Keynote Presentation

Time Topic
14:59 Introduction
15:34 Importance of Urban Forest and City Codes
21:53 Climate Change:  Wildfires
25:45 Climate Change:  Heat and Drought
38:01 Western Red Cedar
41:35 Tree Defenses
43:47 Insect Effect
46:28 Encourage Tree Resilience
49:24 Bark Beetles and Wood Borers
54:25 Common Issues with Urban Trees
59:29 Bees – more than honey bees!
1:02:00 Get Involved and Resources
1:03:09 Questions

About Our Keynote Speaker

Christine Buhl is a graduate of Oregon State University (B.S. Environmental Science, Entomology) and the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Ph.D. Entomology). She has a broad background in entomology spanning from work with public health vectors to tropical species conservation to insect chemical ecology from Hawaii to Lebanon.

She currently serves as the state Forest Entomologist with the Oregon Department of Forestry where she provides statewide technical assistance to public and private landowners and monitors forest health via aerial and ground surveys. She also serves as a board member for the Oregon Bee Project, wildfire investigator and tribal liaison

Christine Buhl