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Be a Tree Hero!

Arbor Month 2023

Be a Tree Hero this Arbor Month!

Being a Tree Hero can be easy with OLWC’s Ivy Removal Home Service!

Despite the massive benefits to the biodiversity of your landscape, removing invasive English ivy from your yard can be a tiresome chore. Tenacious ivy vines have perfected the adhesive art of spreading rapidly (at about a foot a year) from ground roots and winding tightly up the trunk of trees and cutting them off from the resources they need to survive.

OLWC wants to make this task easier on you by offering a service in which a member of your urban forest committee comes to your residence and removes tree ivy for you!

Our trained volunteers can also offer education and tools, advice on native alternatives to English ivy and tips on how to manage invasive plants more effectively.

If you suspect you have a tree(s) on your residence suffering beneath the weight of English ivy and you’d like OLWC to coordinate a volunteer to come and remove it, please sign up below.


If you’d like more information about why we remove English ivy, click here

Be A Tree Hero in Your Neighborhood - Arbor Month 2022
invasive ivy

Why all the fuss about ivy?

Community members can make a huge difference by removing tree ivy in their neighborhood!


Volunteer crosses creek to remove invasive species
Students pose for a photo after a volunteer event