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Submitted by Barbara Fisher, OLWC council member and Friends of Hallinan Heights Woods coordinator

You have probably never heard of Gans Street. It’s a short dead-end street in the Hallinan Heights neighborhood. The OLWC has been working to restore ¾ of acre on this riparian site adjacent to Hallinan Woods. Hallinan Creek runs through the middle of the property on its way from Hallinan Woods to the Willamette River. Our primary mission is to restore and maintain the physical and ecological integrity of watersheds. We protect streambanks by removing invasive plants such as ivy, laurel, blackberries, etc. and planting native species.

Gans Site

We planted Sword Ferns & Fringe Cup as a ground cover, Snowberries & Red Flowering Currant as shrubs, & Oregon White Oak & Ash trees among others.

Since 2016 many volunteers have worked to make this happen. During our last pre-Covid work party, 25 volunteers planted over 200 plants. Our work here is winding down. We will monitor the site and offer help if it is needed, but the landowners will now assume responsibility for their property. It is very rewarding to know that we have made a difference.