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Arbor Month 2021

LOSN Sustainability Forum: "The Soil Will Save Us"

Thank you to all who attended our April Sustainability Forum.

Kristin Ohlson, author of The Soil Will Save Us, presented her case for “our great green hope” – a way in which we can heal the land, turn atmospheric carbon into beneficial soil carbon, and potentially reverse global warming – through regenerative agricultural and landscaping practices.

In her talk, Ohlson introduced some of the visionaries from her beautifully researched book. She shared stories from scientists, farmers, ranchers, and landscapers—who are figuring out in the lab and on the ground how to build healthy soil including the herd of microorganisms that escape our notice. Better land management practices, that lead to healthy soils, can help solve a myriad of problem: including drought, erosion, air and water pollution, and food quality, as well as climate change.

Ohlson’s presentation was eye-opening and inspiring, and we ended with a lively set of questions and answers.


If you missed this event, you can watch it here:

"The Soil Will Save Us"

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