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Watershed Councils work with our community members, building a sense of place while together stewarding the land and water. This giving season, we’re collaborating to encourage each of you to connect with the Portland Metro area Watershed Councils where you live, work, and play!

So, what is a “watershed”? A watershed is the area of land where water drains to a common source. Watersheds work like nesting dolls, where one fits inside of the other, which fits inside of the other, and so on. (For instance, much of Portland is in the Willamette River watershed, which is within the Columbia River watershed, which is a bit larger than France!). Because all water goes somewhere, no matter where you are, you’re in a watershed! We all live downstream, and what we do matters.

Consider giving to watershed councils today

This is the first of our #LoveYourWCs collaborative campaign posts; keep an eye out each week to learn more about what we do.

As small nonprofits, your donations have a big impact! #LoveYourWCs